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The extraordinary thing is that the 35,000 members of the Jewish community of Dnipropetrovsk, out of the 100,000 in all Ukraine, managed to accomplish such an outstanding and ambitious undertaking.With my knowledge of Russian-speaking Jews, dating from the 1990s when I headed the first Jewish Agency delegation to the FSU, and even before that, I am not surprised.A few scattered references to Jewish and Chinese individuals from Yang-chou are found in the Chinese stele inscriptions of the Kaifeng Jews, dating from 14, and several Chinese officials from Yang-chou helped in the preparation of these inscriptions.A member of the Kaifeng Chin family had his home in Yang-chou, but he donated "a copy of the Scriptures of the Way [Tao], and set up the second gateway" in the Kaifeng synagogue.This is an effort to impose a political correctness that is in reality a limitation of free speech.It is a ploy by the ADL to further its own agenda and, frankly, to prevent any criticism of this administration's position and its treatment of Israel. Requirements: Commitment to performing all the Torah’s commandments according to Orthodox interpretations of Jewish law.

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During my lifetime I have visited hundreds of Jewish sites throughout the world and in the FSU in particular, but I have never seen such an extraordinary complex of buildings and I doubt if I will ever do so again. From the air, the building takes the shape of a seven-branched candelabrum; one of the buildings is 20 stories tall.

So far, the site has only about 50 members from around the world, including from the US, Canada, England, the Netherlands, and Sweden — who range in age from 21 to 72.

Shamash is hoping to introduce the site in Israel as well.

“I sensed that they would have liked the children to meet Mizrahi Jews, but geographical issues are a problem, [and] it wasn’t going to happen.” She thought that connections made online could be the answer.

To that end, Shamash launched Eldelala — which means “the matchmaker” in Arabic — in April.

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