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Now he's eating 50 sandwiches and watching some of his favorite shows on tv, when he heard someone knocking on the door."I'm coming." He said as he gulped down a sandwich and headed for the door.He got to the door and opened it to reveal Daphne on the other side with some of her bags with her."Hey, shaggy." Said Daphne in a cheery voice."Oh, hi daph." He replied and then asked "like what are you doing here?After a while, they wander the streets of New York until they find him peeing at a fire hydrant."A Change of Heart" is the 18th episode of the sixth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and the 130th episode overall. After Nora announces her intention to marry and settle down, Barney is worried; meanwhile, Robin's new boyfriend displays idiosyncrasies that remind her friends of a dog. There is even a recipe for Scooby Snacks which includes, amongst other things, an optional ounce of "finely ground herbal medicine". Speaking of which, there is speculation that Shaggy may himself indulge in a little herbal medicine, though the actor, Matthew Lillard, says not. And if you're stoned out of your wits, you could always send a Scooby Kiss to someone special.

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The next day, Barney and Lily return to the doctor, who notices some oddities in the readout.

also what's something be lingering in daphne's heart? Hey there everyone it's me, there's something I want to get a crack at. Scooby-doo is not owned by me, it belongs to h-b and warner bros.

It was a nice day in coolsville and everything is peaceful and calm. after they finished their latest case, they headed off to their home town to rest and relax, but they got bored since there were no new mysteries to solve and decided to head off and do other things.

The episode received a fairly positive reception, with 9.24 million watching the episode when it first aired.

Some critics found elements of the plot cheesy, although the plot twist and character interactions were complimented.

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