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A cycle is usually about 28 days, but because they are controlled by hormones, emotions, diet, health and life-style, they can be shorter (21 days) or longer (sometimes up to 90 days).

This means that your period can come earlier or later than you expected. If you have a period at the beginning of the month, and another towards the end of the month, this simply means that you have a short cycle.

I feel like shaking my friends who ask if I can use a word other than ‘vagina’ or refer to their vulva as ‘erm, down there’.

But when it’s a brand that’s embedded deep into the world of looking after the vagina, it’s unacceptable.

My grandparents scratched their heads,…Read more When I was in junior high I used to go on bike rides with my grandparents.

We would go on a 30 mile trail that would end at the beach, have lunch, then go back the 30 miles.

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My dad and I may not talk about menstruation, but he is 100% behind my period business endeavors.…Read more On Thursday, we co-hosted a Twitter party with sexperts Heather Corinna of Scarleteen and Erika Moen of Oh Joy Sex Toy. Sex with a partner and/or…Read more In preparation for Halloween, we asked our fans on Facebook to share their spooooookiest period-related story.

If you ovulate later, your period will start later. While some women are comfortable to have sex when she’s bleeding, it’s also OK for married women not to have sex during this time. A girl who starts to develop breasts when she is younger is more likely to start her periods when she is younger. Women think that this is a period when in fact she is pregnant.

A usually small and sparsely-furnished apartment you keep for the sole purpose of fucking.

A recent survey found that 66% of young women are too embarrassed to say the word ‘vagina’ to their doctors, and people still visibly squirm when you engage in any vag-related chat.

But is it any wonder that the general public feels funny saying ‘vagina’ and ‘vulva’ if the very brands in the midst of the vagina-related industry appear to be terrified of the terms?

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