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All guys seem to want from me is sex, and I don't want just that. But it seems they are too ashamed to be seen with me since I'm a bigger woman :/ where the gainer denies how big she's gotten or she talks/complains about how fat she is, and then goes on to say something like, "But you like me this fat don't you", and then talks about how much larger you might like to see her gain weight, she's put on loads in the last year and shows a huge interest in my belly, she's the only person other than my girlfriend who will rub my belly dilemma however is that I don't know how to ask her about it, she's with me right now. Along the lines of not believing there where men who found larger Woman attractive and how I had been single for most of my life.Bo turned to food to cope with her emotional problems, and her weight became the target of a fellow colleague's jokes. I went on because I wanted to inspire others to stand up for themselves regardless of the harshest criticisms they receive because we are all destined for greatness.We watched Bo make an amazing transformation into a fit, happy young woman who's now auditioning for positions that call for blonde bombshells. When someone is bring you down, they are telling you who THEY are, NOT who YOU are.The main aim of the site is to support and give Big People of the UK a voice.It is also a site which will challenge peoples beliefs and demystify Big People.No matter your personality, Feabie has tools you can use to interact with the people you like most.Some users will use the private chat and messaging.

I've always found it difficult to find male companionship because of my size..

What might have held you back from losing weight before?

Before it never occurred to me my twenty year struggle with eating disorders had emotional rooting.

, we met Bo, a comedienne who's ready to make a change to her body and mind.

Bo had struggled with her weight throughout her life, and when her mother passed away it only made things worse.

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