Dating collectable glass

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The Fenton Art Glass Company has been in business for over 100 years and is still making glass today in Williamstown, WV.

With such a long and productive company history Fenton has made something to make every glass enthusiast a happy collector.

Exceptions to this rule are some Off Hand Glass made in the 1920’s, which is very rare; and Off Hand Glass made more recently by Master Craftsmen like Robert Barber, Dave Fetty and Frank Workman, which will be signed. The bottom of the mould forms the top of the cruet.

The mark on the bottom of cruets is not a pontil mark, it is a cut shut mark. The bottom of the cruet is open in top of the mould.

Towards the end of the Great Depression they also produced perfume bottles for the Wrisley Company in 1938.

The bottles were made in French opalescent glass with the hobnail pattern.

The Hull Pottery Company was still supplying mugs and bottles, but the irregularities of the pottery bottle openings were causing production and leakage problems.In 1939, Fenton started selling Hobnail items in milk glass.Hobnail milk glass would become the top-selling line and allowed the Fenton company to expand.In the late 1940s, the top three members of Fenton's management died. "Bill" Fenton immediately stepped in and took over the positions of President and Vice President, respectively.Over the next thirty years, they continued to expand Fenton Art Glass, despite a large number of glass factories closing down. Fenton, Frank's son, took over as President of the company.

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