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Romantic relationships between certain categories of individuals affiliated with the University risks undermining the essential educational purpose of the University and can disrupt the workplace and learning environment.

This policy applies to all University employees (including faculty), student employees, students, and affiliates.

This policy is applicable regardless of the sex/gender of the individual with managerial, supervisory, teaching, evaluation, coaching or advisory authority, and/or the sex/gender of the individual who is managed, supervised, taught, coached, advised, or evaluated in any way.

This policy addresses romantic relationships and/or sexual interactions that, although consensual, may create actual and perceived conflicts of interests, and create the possibility for exploitation or favoritism.

Executive Policy Chapter 1, General Provisions Executive Policy EP 1.203 – Policy on Consensual Relationships Effective Date: April 2016 Prior Dates Amended: new policy Responsible Office: Office of the President Governing Board of Regents Policy: RP 1.205 – Policy on Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action and RP 9.204 – Employment of Relatives Review Date: April 2019 The University of Hawai‘i (University) is committed to ensuring a safe, civil, learning and working environment in which the dignity of every individual is recognized and respected.

All members of the University share equal responsibility in this regard.

This does not include investigation or litigation costs.

One lawsuit, even if the employer wins, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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