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Gambian - British Relationship I have been in a serious relationship with my Gambian boyfriend for 2 years, known him for 9-10 years.I have lived in Gambia for 18 months,it use to be if you lived out of the uk for more than 2 years you louse your right to everything even HNS, NOW ITS 12 MONTHS so you have to come back every year which is expencive do they know the price of a plane ticket ?

Still, if you have a profile on one of these sites can find yourself being judged and tagged as "a weirdo", "antisocial", "a freak" and so on.If you're looking for live chat service, we recommend Your Free Chat Rooms.Using Gambia, The gay chat and dating is fun and completely free.Before the addition, homosexual acts carried a maxiumum 14-year prison sentence.And in 2005, the law was amended to apply to women as well as men.

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