Are jeremy renner and scarlett johansson dating

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The Oscar nominee, 46, spoke out about his big break for the first time on Friday while appearing at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic to support his new movie 'Wind River.'He would not however say what film he suffered the injury on, leading most to assume it was while working on the forthcoming 'Avengers: Infinity War' or perhaps the new Bourne film.Variety reports however that neither of those films were the scene of the medical emergency, revealing that Renner managed to fracture his right elbow and left wrist while on the set of his upcoming comedy 'Tag.'And as the title of the film suggests suggests, it would seem Renner was playing that very same game when he fell and destroyed both of his arms during a stunt.

Jeremy Renner let out a big laugh on Monday as he made his triumphant return to the Atlanta set of New Line Cinema's Tag after 'fracturing his right elbow and left wrist' during a June 22 stunt.

Last month, Renner gushed about how fathering four-year-old daughter Ava (with estranged wife Sonni Pacheco) was his 'biggest passion.' 'Kids are the purest, most beautiful spirit on the planet.

And I'm doing all I can to avoid tarnishing that beautiful spirit as long as possible and I work on that every day,' the House funnyman told Red Carpet Roxy.'Keep fear away.

Stern also questioned the actor about her appearance on a number of occasions and repeatedly referred to her as “hot”.

Stern is arguably America’s most infamous shock jock radio host - a term for radio presenters who express opinions in a deliberately provocative or offensive way.

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